How to Submit a critical scene

  1. Find a active match forum. Active matchdays and matches have a full opacity. You can always submit topics and replies but a poll will only be active for exactly 2 days after kick-off. If a Match starts 1. of September 16:00 all critical scenes opened will only be open until 3. September 16:00. Even if it was opened for example 3. September 14:00. Be aware that there may be several active matchdays due to postponed matches.
    • Passed
    • Active
    • Upcoming
  2. Click the New Topic Button.
  3. Add a Title. Please try to stay neutral here like: “Van Dijk strikes Haaland, was it a penalty?”
  4. Check the box “Suggest Critical Scene”
  1. If you know, add the minute the incident occured.
  1. If VAR was involved, check the box.
  1. Describe the scene neutrally please and if you can provide visual material. Make sure you are not violating any copyrights!
    • Example: “Van Dijk strikes Haaland in the penalty area. Was that enough for a penalty?”
  1. Hit the submit button and wait to be redirected to the Topic. A poll is being created automatically and than you can submit your vote.